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The place to partner with our INTERNAL Morning Star  ministries to make it truly incredible!  We know that it takes planning, and many people to take an event or ministry to the NEXT LEVEL! If your request is for an event EXTERNAL to Morning Star, it will not be processed.

Please take a moment and submit a specialized request below.

Please place all media central requests and wait for confirmation that your request has been approved before proceeding with requested project.  

Each request will be evaluated due to complexity of schedule, and when the request was submitted.  


Please use this form to provide us with as much information as possible about what you would like us to promote. We’ll take your information and promote it on the web, social media, and through other channels as necessary.  Ex: Website, Social Media, Emails, External Promotions, Sunday bulletin, etc.

Request an update to an existing page of our website.

Use this request for any branding or printed piece.  Please see required deadlines for all areas. Ex: Logos, Postcards, Flyers, Brochures, T-shirts, etc.

Use this request for our all production and equipment needs.  Please see required deadlines.  Ex:  All Audio, Lighting, and Video Recording of events

Communication Requests:

At least one business day (depending on complexity)

Website updates:

2 to 3 business days
(depending on complexity)

Ministry Program/Event:
4 Weeks (varies with complexity)

1-4 Weeks (varies with schedule)


CD and DVD Duplication:
1 Week

Media Request Forms

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