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Healing and Encouragement Ministry

Mission Statement: 

Our mission is to help families through the grieving process. To comfort, guide and encourage them 

through Christ centered, spiritual guidance and shared experiences.  We are empowered with a spirit 

inspired mission of effecting change through prayer, fasting and missionary work.


Requirements of Membership: 

  • To have lost a loved one as a result of homicide

  • Willingness to participate and share in small group setting


Benefits of Membership: 

  • Biblical counseling and prayer 

  • Provide support during and after grieving

  • Home visits

  • Resources for the garden of peace memorial

  • Neighborhood outreach



The body of Morning Star Baptist Church and the community at large



Meeting – 1st Monday each month 6:30 to 8:00pm



Sister Marilynda Whitney, Chair 

Sister Deborah Jones, Vice Chair

Rev. Gary Adams, Spiritual Advisor


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