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Institute for Christian Living

ICL Motto: Lead passionate ly, learn deeply, live faithfully. The Charles Taylor Institute for Christian Living (CTICL) aims to develop disciples and equip them with the founding principles of Christianity, engender an undying hunger for the word of God, and build an informed view of God. The institute also exists to challenge teachers to achieve higher levels of excellence in teaching and equip them with the tools necessary for effective biblical instruction. Our motto is to lead passionately, learn deeply, and live faithfully, to the Glory of God. / ad gloriam dei/. In remembrance of the late Rev. Charles E. Taylor the Institute for Christian Living (ICL) has been renamed the Charles E. Taylor ICL here at Morning Star in memory of the late Rev. Charles E Taylor. Rev. Taylor served faithfully in a number of ministries including Assistant Pastor, Transformation Ministry Instructor, and the co-chair for the substance abuse program now known as (Exodus Outreach Recovery Ministries) He was a regular attendee of the Prayer Services and of Bible Study at which he taught on a number of spiritual disciplines. Rev. Charles E. Taylor was Man of prayer, a man faith, a man of determination, and dedication in the service of our Lord. For those of you who are new to MSBC and did not know Rev. Taylor. He was a man of integrity and often reminded us of what scriptures proclaimed that the “wages of sin is death, “that we are not to be ashamed of the Gospel”, “That God so loved world that gave his only begotten son, Jesus Christ. We do not know what joys our husband and father now enjoy in the presence of our savior, but we hope and pray that Rev. Taylor’s endeavor to articulate the bible teaching and the preaching of the Gospel has deepen and enrich your understanding of the gifts and treasures found in the word of God and the richness of the gift of grace that we received through God’ boundless love. As the CET ICL embarks upon another semester filled with enriching seminars and lectures for you. We encourage and engage each of you to participate and experience the lectures, teaching, and Seminars that the institute will offer. As you do you will be blessed and your souls with be enriched and nourished. As you study and learn the abundance of revelation, inspiration and communication that only God can give, lies within the heart of God which is in the word of God. So come out and be a part life this moving experience. Be Faithful:Expect your every need to be met, expect the answers to every problem, and expect abundance on every level. And expect to grow spiritually. Scriptural Reference 2 Tim. 2:15 On behalf of Bishop, John M. Borders III, and the Charles E. Taylor ICL Ministry Team Know that we are here to serve you. "How May We Serve You?"

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