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Rev. Dr. Mark Arnold, MDiv, AM, PhD

holds the MDiv from Princeton Theological Seminary and AM, PhD degrees from Harvard University in Comparative Semitic Philology/Linguistics. He is a former Teaching Fellow at Harvard for Prof. James Kugel's, The Bible the Way it Was (largest undergrad class at Harvard), and for Classical Hebrew. He is also a former Teaching Assistant of NT Greek at Princeton Seminary. At Princeton, he served as president of the Association of Black Seminarians. He has been a former recipient of the Minority Fellowship Award, Harvard University, and the Bible Scholarship Award, Princeton Seminary. 

He is a former team member on the Dead Sea Scrolls and Akkadian Handbook Projects at Princeton Seminary. He is also creator of an "African Presence in the Bible Series: A Critical Review of Afrocentric Approaches to Biblical Interpretation." His studies and research have taken him to Jordan, Egypt, Israel and other parts of the Middle East. He is honored to have served under several pastors and teachers but most notably under Rev. Drs. Susan Johnson Cook and John M. Borders III. He is also a former Minister of Worship at St. Paul Baptist Church, Montclair, NJ.


In addition to his work in the church and academia, Minister Arnold is also an avid Information Security Practitioner, holding a BSEE from Stanford University and soon to be MSCS from Northeastern University. He is member of a number of local groups and boards, most recently elected to the Board of Trustees of the Mass Bible Society. He currently serves as a chaplain for local chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. He is also one of the directors of the "Institute of Afroasiatic Linguistics."


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