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Rev. Gary Adams

Looking back I believe that from the early age of six or seven years old I felt the presence of The Lord, as my God fearing mother would bring my sisters and me to church most Sundays. As I grew older (having given my life to Christ as a child and having even taught Bible School) my family relocated from Cambridge to Boston and I relocated… from the church to the world.   I lived life in the fast lane, a tumultuous, unrestrained ride that took me from feeling like I was on top of the world to encountering the depths of despair. But through it all I know that God never left me. “Many are the plans in a man’s heart, but it is God’s purpose that prevails.”   

In the latter years of my life I heard the voice of God as clear as I write this now (not audible but in my heart) “Choice now whom you shall serve!” And in a moment, having already been decided by God, it was embraced by me; “as for me and my family, we shall serve The Lord!”  I was older when I rededicated myself to The Lord and believed that God in His sovereignty and power would use all of my experiences, that of the streets, my work for The Boston Public Schools, my time in the US Marine Corp, my time as a Boston Police Officer…life as a husband and father and now as a Chaplain and Minister of The Gospel of Jesus Christ for His glory.  

Birthplace: Framingham Ma   Licensed to preach: October 22nd  2005, Ordained March 14th 2010 Favorite verse: Zechariah  4:6  Married to: Deaconess  Lisa Adams  Children: Leah, Donnell, Gary, Sarah


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