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Bishop John M. Borders, III


Bishop John M. Borders, III is the visionary and Senior Pastor for Morning Star Baptist Church, located in Boston, MA.  Entering pastoral ministry in 1981, he speaks to 2,500 members in attendance and more than 1,000 around the world via the Internet every Sunday. Bishop Borders has led over 18,000 people to accept Jesus Christ as Savior during his 32 years of service.  For more than 27 years “The Beacon Light”, a radio broadcast on Salem Communications’ WEZE Family 590AM which proclaims the gospel of Christ to over 50,000 listeners every Sunday Morning. 


Reverend John Matthew Borders III was consecrated to the office of Bishop by The House of Bishops of the International Bishops Conference Inc. in Memphis, Tennessee in June 2010. He manifests God-given spiritual authority and life-affirming impartation to God’s people everywhere. He is well known for his unique style in expounding the Scriptures, making them come alive to a multitude of audiences. Bishop Borders licensed and ordained over 35 individuals to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Many are Pastors in the Boston area.  He continues to pour into the lives of many other pastors and preachers around the country as their Bishop as well.


Bishop Borders has a strong social commitment to the community. He was the first black chaplain in the history of the Suffolk County Jail and served for fifteen years. Additionally, he was instrumental in improving Black and Jewish relations during the 1990’s. He served on various community boards, including Boston Medical Center and the Governor’s Anti-crime Commission.


Bishop Borders holds a diploma in Religion from Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary and has studied at Boston University, School of Theology. He also holds honorary Doctor of Divinity degrees from St. Thomas Christian College in Jacksonville, Florida and Maryland Theological Seminary of Baltimore, Maryland.


Bishop Borders has been married to First Lady, Sandra Elizabeth (McBride) Borders for 30 years and is the proud father of three children Leylana, Min. John Matthew IV (Francisca), and Brittany Borders, also two grandchildren Madison and Bailey.

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