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  1.  Attend Worship regularly—Make attending worship here at Morning Star Baptist Church part of your regular weekly schedule.  God created us so that we could worship Him together.  So come and make worship with us a special part of that day.

  2. Try Out a Small Group—This is one of the most important things you can do in truly connecting at MSBC.  We have a group for everyone in the family.  We share life together and study the Bible.  One of those groups will be a fit for you.  We feel that it is important that as we grow larger as a church that we also grow smaller through our small groups in order to maintain personal relationships and coutinue to grow in our relationships with God.

  3. Join the Church—The commitments we make define our lives, and membership in the local church is an important part of the Christian experience.  God has made it very clear that the Christian life is personal but not private.  When the time is right we would invite you to commit to being a part of MSBC.

  4. Sign Up for Transformation  Classes—These classes  will help you know what this church is all about and how you can be involved in what God is doing through us.

  5. Get Involved in Serving Others—God has given each of us special gifts and abilities that He intends for us to use to help others.  After you have been here for a while we can help you discover a great way to make a difference in our community, church and world.

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